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Preparing Your Business for the Consumer Financial Revolution

Embracing Open Banking to help businesses grow and gain more insights.

Open Banking Defines The Financial Consumer's Experience

This great revolution in consumer finance is unfolding in front of our eyes.

Global democratization of open banking data offering businesses like yours deeper insights into consumer finances

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Your businesses will need better credit decisioning and marketing tools to win this revolution.  That's where Pequa Bay Associates comes in.

Eight in ten North Americans are linking their bank accounts

Use of technology to manage money is mainstream

More than 20% of North Americans own bitcoin...and growing

Most businesses lack the insight to use this knowledge to their benefit

The Consumer Experience
The Stat of Open Banking

The State of Open Banking

Technology is second nature for managing finances

Technology has become ubiquitous for financial management and North American consumers are confident in using technology to manage their money

Convenience is a top driver for using technology to manage finances

Younger North American consumers are leaning into fintech more for experimentation and social needs

Open-banking is mainstream whether consumers realize it or not

Consumers are looking to save time, money, and improve their financial health, while automating the financial process


Very Confident (8-10)



Very Confident (8-10)


Implications for
Financial Services

There is a generational transition underway.  In 5 years, the way consumers conduct financial transactions will be unrecognizable.  If your business requires insight for customer acquisitions, including credit decisioning, how will you stay ahead of these changes?  Will you be ready?  Here's how Pequa Bay Associates can help you:


Using open banking data, we will develop predictive assessments of your prospective and current customers to grow your business.


Provide analysis and insight into consumer banking trends to help you develop new customer acquisition and retention strategies.


Recommend the technology solutions that give you the flexibility to service and financial tools you need to work with consumers in this evolving environment.

Implications for Financia Services

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